Life Cycle Inventory (LCI) data are at the heart of doing the LCA studies. LCI data collection might be a time-consuming task; partially to find a suitable LCI database. OpenLCA NEXUS  website ( provides a searchable database of various LCI databases from several LCI databases provides. The user can navigates the databases in which some free and others are paid. You can also browse for a particular process and read the documentations. All the databases are made available to the OpenLCA and some for both OpenLCA and SimaPro software (

Another important database (not listed in OpenLCA NEXUS) is the IDEA (Inventory Database for Environmental Analysis) database. IDEA is available in both English and Japanese. It is also provided in MS-Excel format and SimaPro database format available at It is a comprehensive database that covers various Japanese industrial  and business sectors with around 3,800 processes.

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