Ikhlayel, M.
Mahdi Ikhlayel

Ph.D., Sustainability Science.
(The University of Tokyo)

Researcher at the Chemical Systems Engineering Laboratory, Department of Chemical Engineering, Graduate School of Engineering, Tohoku University, Japan.


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Since earning my Ph.D. from The University of Tokyo’s Graduate School of Frontier Sciences, Mahdi worked as a Sustainability Consultant and Researcher and as a Project Specialist in Japan as well a Researcher at Ritsumeikan University. He is a Researcher at Tohoku University, Department of Chemical Engineering, Graduate School of Engineering (Chemical System Engineering Laboratory).

A focus of this site is to introduce my research endeavors and contributions, such as publications and research projects. Below is quick access links to those research-related and scholarly activities. Your suggestions and feedback are invaluable and always welcome.

Research Expertise & Interests

I am interested to in multidisciplinary sustainability science research—notably, how to attain “win-win” solutions to the contemporary’s most complex, and substantiasubstantial environmental issues. I am likewise concerned about integrated life-cycle methodological approaches and concepts to accelerate the transformation from conventional resource management to effective systems. My present research interests include, e.g., cleaner production; energy production and consumption; resource use; sustainability indicators; urban and regional planning; management of Waste Electrical & Electronic Equipment (WEEE); hazardous materials, process simulation, modeling, and development; resource efficiency; resource management; circular economy; impact assessment of chemical synthesis; and environmental policy.

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IKHLAYEL, M. 2018. Development of management systems for sustainable municipal solid waste in developing countries: a systematic life cycle thinking approach. Journal of Cleaner Production, 180, 571-586


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