Ph.D. in Sustainability Science

The University of Tokyo

Research & Work Interests: Environmental Sustainability, Life Cycle Assessment (LCA), GHG Emissions and Accounting (Scopes 1-3), Net-Zero Emissions, Waste Management, and Resource Utilization (electronic, municipal, chemical, industrial, and hazardous waste), Waste Treatment Technologies, Sustainable Development, Sustainability, Cleaner Production, Industrial Ecology, Sustainability Assessment, Environmental Impact Assessment, CO2 Utilization & Reduction, GHG & LCA Digitalizing, Technology Evaluation, Agribusiness, Chemical Processes (modeling, simulation, and optimization), Renewable Energy, Digital Transformation.

Hobbies: Gardening, cooking, photography, jogging, reading, teaching, and web development.


Dr. Mahdi Ikhlayel works on multidisciplinary research focusing on sustainability challenges utilizing his engineering, environmental science, and sustainability science educational backgrounds and work experiences. Particularly how to figure out realistic “win-win” solutions for today’s most complex environmental and sustainable development issues. His research framework utilizes interdisciplinary methodologies, life cycle thinking, and integrated and holistic approaches. Read more …


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