Current Research Interests


I am interested in interdisciplinary sustainability science research—particularly, how to attain “win-win” solutions to today’s most complex environmental issues. I am also concerned with integrated life-cycle methodological approaches to accelerate the switch from traditional resource management to more efficient ones. My present interests include energy production and consumption; cleaner production; resource use; sustainability indicators; urban and regional planning; waste management; and climate change mitigation.


Urban environmental resource management, cleaner production, energy, waste utilization, waste minimization, recycling, waste-to-energy, circular economy, resource efficiency, environmental impact assessment, life cycle assessment, life cycle inventory, social life cycle assessment, e-waste, hazardous waste, WEEE, municipal solid waste, sustainability, sustainability indicators, sustainable development, environmental policy, environmental modeling, education for sustainable development, integrated approaches, lifecycle-thinking, text mining, material flow analysis, substance flow analysis.